By Michael Bello
Published 02/23/2023; Updated 02/28/2023

Before the 2023 outdoor season gets into full swing, we wanted to stop and recognize the recipients of the NCC’s 2022 Racer Reward and Junior Equipment Grant programs.

Racer Rewards: To recap, active members of the NCC who race competitively can qualify for lucrative NCC dollars. You ride, you race, you win! In addition to being an active member of the club, you must wear an NCC jersey in your races and volunteer at a club event. Please visit the NCC’s Racer Reward page for complete details

Congratulations to our sixteen recipients:

  • Beck, Daryl
  • Breismeister, Gunther
  • Daube-Valois, Ari
  • Eichenlaub, Justin
  • Frank, Patrick
  • Goodwin, David
  • Kasbohm, John
  • Lellman, Charlotte
  • Lellman, Joe
  • O’Keeffe, Jonathan
  • Parrott, Sophie
  • Ryan, Patrick
  • Scott, Myles
  • Scott, Andrew
  • Warwick, Melissa
  • Wilson, Donna

Junior Equipment Grant: For riders ages of 10 through 18, the NCC provides grants that can be used to purchase bikes and gear. Many of our Racer Reward recipients also qualified for the Junior Equipment Grant program. Please visit the NCC’s Junior Equipment Grants page for complete details.

Congratulations to our nine recipients:

  • Breismeister, Gunther
  • Daube-Valois, Ari
  • Dumont, Henri
  • Harrison, Magnus
  • Harrison, Rowan
  • McCoy, Reid
  • Parrott, Sophie
  • Scott, Myles
  • Shapleigh, Alenna