By Michael Bello
Published 02/11/2023; Updated 02/11/2023

In an effort to break the group this morning, we rode the the Achterbahn route in Innsbruck.

We had six riders (Dan, Henry III, Melissa, Steve, Zinj, and me).

I’ve been doing an eight week training plan. Today was the penultimate workout, which was a three hour block. I had to give the NCC peloton a challenging block so I would have people to chat with on the ride. Due to my daughter’s indoor field hockey this afternoon, I had to finish earlier than I wanted. So I started riding at 7:30, and Steve and Henry were the first on Discord a little before 9. The early start was worth it. I watched my daughter’s four 20 minutes games, and she scored four goals.

Zinj joined us from his outdoor ride at the Quabbin. His phone did not have the best reception. He showed us the scenes from the tower and explained how you could wander down to the water. I encouraged him to be careful since there could be rattlesnakes. At this moment, my wife was in the basement and made fun of me for bringing this up again.

We spent a considerable amount of time discussing possibilities for Melissa’s new bike. Handlebars, wheels, cranks, cassettes, and quality of carbon were all discussed. The talk was a bit challenging with Zinj’s connection dropping in and out.

Ride nutrition was also a long discussion. Melissa shared that she is enjoying an indoor electrolyte drink, which has only a few calories. I’ve been looking for a drink mix that adds a lot of calories. Last week’s attempt failed miserably, but this week’s attempt worked very well. I did not feel wrecked upon finishing. Henry had his drink mix of choice within arms length and brought it on camera for the group to see.

Zinj and Melissa compared notes on Thursday’s brutally fast race. This got us on a discussion of heart rates and variable heart rates. Henry is fascinated by the numbers.

In total, our group rode for 2 hours and 5 minutes, covering 30 miles with 3,260 feet of climbing.

I earned the “On Fire!” achievement for completing 25 laps of the Volcano Circuit. It also came with a 1,000 bonus XP points, which made Melissa jealous.

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  • Sat 9:00 AM – Social Ride

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