By Michael Bello
Published 01/14/2023; Updated 01/14/2023

The group, mostly Indoor Tim, wanted more climbing, so we tackled the Three Sisters route in Watopia this morning. As the name suggests, the route covers three climbs (Zwift KOM, Epic KOM plus the Radio Tower, and the Volcano KOM). Turns out, the Three Sisters route is Henry’s favorite.

We had seven riders today (Chris, Henry III, Melissa, Tim, Steve, Zinj, and me).

Zinj was actually outside, but with us on Discord, We assumed the outside roads were wet since we heard his disc brakes squeaking.

The Discord conversation quickly turned to strategy. Melissa wanted to earn the extra credit 100 KPH badge. Descending from the Radio Tower is one of the places to attempt this very fast feat. The group decided that Tim would lead Melissa and Henry out. Melissa would change bikes to the heavy recumbent bike to assist in gathering speed. Alas, Melissa and Henry fell just short of the required speed. A few minutes later, Chris tried, but was slightly below the target. The good news is that they all did it without an aero power up, so that should put them over the hurdle next time.

Chris had some connection issues, but was able to overcome them and keep riding with us. For a time we were blaming the background noise on Zinj’s outdoor adventure, but turns out Chris accidentally had his webcam mike on, and it was on top of his fan!

Tim keeps recommending the GNC Sock of the Month club. Watch out for his snazzy socks when we are outside in the spring.

I continued my workouts to get back into shape. I had a very long endurance block today, so I crossed off the Ven Top climb at 1.9 w/kg. For those curious, it takes about 2 hours and 33 minutes to climb Ven Top at that slow but consistent speed.

In total, the group rode approximately 30 miles with 2,943 feet of climbing. Our ride time for the group was just under 2 hours.

Chris earned his avatar the Three Sisters route achievement, which doubled his XP points for the route. Tim completed level 44 and earned the Giro Synthe Helmet.

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