By Michael Bello
Published 12/21/2022; Updated 12/21/2022

We travelled across the Atlantic Ocean this evening and rode the Greater London Flat route.

We had six riders today (Charlotte, Charlie, Melissa, Tim, Zinj, and me). Tim, a brand new NCC member, joined us for his first ride (indoor or outdoors) with the club.

On Discord, Charlotte filled us in on CX Nationals. The weather and course conditions changed throughout the event. Her race was incredibly muddy.

Tim and Charlotte compared notes on library science and archiving careers. There are now four individuals named Tim on our Zwift rides. We have Indoor Tim, Outdoor Tim, and New Tim, but we needed a moniker for our latest Tim. After learning that Tim studied Library Science in grad school, he has been designated Library Tim.

Charlotte completed level 5 and earned her avatar the Basic Gloves. Tim and Charlotte completed the Greater London Flat route achievement, which doubled their XP points for the first lap.

Zinj displayed his skills on rollers. He was somehow able to balance a keyboard on his handlebars and type at the same time!

In our 60 minute ride, we went approximately 21 miles with 348 feet of climbing.

Being a holiday weekend, our next group ride will be on Wednesday, December 28th at 8 PM. For those beginning the Festive 500 on Saturday, please pace yourself!