By Michael Bello
Published 12/20/2022; Updated 12/21/2022

The NCC is a volunteer-run organization, and we need your help.

We want to thank two of our departing board members, Roger Stawasz and Andy Towlen, for their service to the club.

Roger has been our treasurer for the past few years. We are looking to fill his cycling shoes on as our treasurer and a board member.

The NCC has grown so much that we have decided to look into hiring a bookkeeper. The new treasurer would work with the bookkeeper, but not handle the day-to-day accounting or tax filings. This person would also update the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. If you are interested, please contact our Presidents, Leila Everett and Jonathan Brody.

We are already starting to plan our outdoor riding calendar for 2023. We have several opportunities for new ride leaders. In addition to road riding, we would love to have some volunteers to lead gravel adventures this season. Outdoor group rides will start in mid to late April. If you are interested in leading a ride, please contact Mark Rioux.