By David Goodwin
Published 12/14/2022; Updated 01/01/2023

Let’s keep the tradition alive and start the New Year off right – yes, it’s time for the annual New Year’s Day Temperature Ride!

We’ll meet at the Academy of Music in Northampton at noon and do a moderately paced ride whose length will be determined by the current temperature in Fahrenheit (on the Silverscape clock if it’s working – if not, I’ll use my best meteorological skills to estimate).

If it is 85 degrees, we’ll ride 85 miles, 5 degrees, 5 miles, -10 degrees don’t show up!

Fenders are encouraged, as are hot beverages in a thermos.


One response to “2023 New Year’s Day Temperature Ride”

  1. David Goodwin says:

    So noon on New Year’s Day is looking to be around 47 degrees. I’ve put together a 46.5 mile loop on the bike path out to Belchertown, north on Harkness Road, back down to Southeast St. in Amherst, north to Flat Hills Road and then north on January Hills Road in Leverett. From here, we’ll wind our way into Sunderland via Bull Hill Road and past my house on N. Silver Lane. I’ll see if I can convince Suzanne to make a large batch of hot toddies (but don’t hold your breath!). We’ll cross the bridge and head to Deerfield center but zip west on Thayer Street only to go the back way through Whately and Hatfield, finishing back at the Academy.
    There is a scant 1,500′ of climbing. And, remember, this is a social, no-drop ride, maybe a C+ pace with frequent stops for us old folks to pee on a regular basis.
    If I did this right – here is a link to the route:
    Bike Route Planner – Ride with GPS

    See you at noon Sunday morning at the Academy of Music in downtown Noho! Anyone that wants to help corral folks as a helpful ride leader is welcome to step up!