By Tom Hoogendyk
Published 11/05/2022; Updated 11/05/2022

I wanted to make sure all of you, the families that participated in the NCC spring junior cyclocross program and Trail Blasters participants were aware of the cyclocross races at Look Park next weekend (November 12th – 13th).

It’s almost the end of the cycling season. As always, we’re going to end the regular season on a high note at Look Park for the Northampton International CX races. The NCC will run free youth races on a special course for kids 3-12 years of age at 12:15pm both days.

There are also races for junior 9-12 boys and girls, junior 13-16 boys, and junior 13-16 girls. Please register for the age group categories in advance.

Register for NohoCX


The NCC will also be running a sausage tent to raise funds for our youth programs. We need volunteers to help staff the tent. More on that below in a message from Doug Breismeister, NCC Board Member and CX dad. Please come out an help if you can.

Hey everybody! Please come out to support NCC youth cycling programming at the 31st Verge International Northampton Cyclocross presented by Cyclesmart by volunteering at the NCC Youth Cycling Sausage tent. The event takes place November 12,13th. We could use your help with food prep, service and cleanup, please and thank you! It will be fun, I promise!

Volunteer for the Sausage Tent

Thanks Doug! Thanks NCC!! We couldn’t run any of these youth programs without the support of the club and the community that rallies to the cause!

The Northampton International CX race is fantastic event for racers and spectators alike. Come on out and join in the fun! Check out the DirtWire video commemorating last year’s 30th anniversary event:



Hope to see you at the races and sausage tent!