By Jonathan O'Keeffe
Published 10/07/2022; Updated 10/07/2022

Our first road race of the fall Zwift series kicked off in Innsbruck with four laps of the Innsbruckring, a twisty course through the city center featuring a short sharp one-minute climb up the Kneebiter/Ankletwister/Legsnapper climb on every lap.

Our four riders were spread out across the categories, with Melissa and me in the B group, Patrick in the A’s, and Tim in the C’s, but it was a mixed-category race (with all categories visible and racing together), so we all quickly grouped up together into a big pack of 40+ on the first lap. The first ascent of the climb broke things up, with most of the A’s and many of the B’s getting away, leaving the four of us in a group of a dozen or so that mostly stayed together the rest of the way, shedding a rider or two on the climb each lap. Patrick disappeared at some point, not sure whether he was able to finish or not, and didn’t show up in the results — hope the rest of your ride went OK, Patrick. Tim hung on with our chase group the whole way and eventually dropped the one other C rider in our group to take the win — great work, Tim — while Melissa and I sprinted for minor placings at the back of the B standings.

Results from Week 1

  1. Tim Downey (C) – 1 of 8 – 100.0 points
  2. Jonathan O’Keeffe (B) – 8 of 13 – 46.2 points
  3. Melissa Warwick (B) – 12 of 13 – 20.0 points

Season standings after Week 1

  1. Tim Downey (1 race) – 100.0 points
  2. Jonathan O’Keeffe (1 race) – 46.2 points
  3. Melissa Warwick (1 race) – 20.0 points