By David Goodwin
Published 09/13/2022; Updated 09/16/2022

I guess our time trial and hillclimb series for 2022 will go out with a whimper. Our summer of dryness became two weeks of rain and I’m sorry that it ends this way. Congratulations to all of our winners and participants. Melissa Warwick and Madeline Nagy were 1 – 2 overall, in the time trial and in the hillclimb. Both were fantastically consistent and present (almost always). Zinj Gao won the overall and time trial while Patrick Sullivan won the hillclimb.

Thanks again to Jonathan O’Keeffe for working all of his programming and statistical magic on the series. What a great thing for NCC to have!

I will count the weeks until we start this all over again next spring.

3 responses to “9/13/22 Short TT canceled”

  1. Melissa Warwick says:

    Thank your for steering the ship, David! I will miss your humorous write-ups. 🙂 And thank you JOK for being the tech wizard and fabulous substitute ride leader. Until next year!

  2. Jonathan O'Keeffe says:

    Thanks for another great season David! Only 26 weeks till we start again!

  3. Frank Sleegers says:

    Thank you David for staying on top of the series and of course Jonathan for being super helpful on the stat side.
    Always motivating. Was just hoping for the last points to get up to Top 5 in the TT series.
    Cannot wait for the spring! The series are kind of essential getting in the weekly rhythm.
    See you elsewhere on the road.