By Jonathan O'Keeffe
Published 09/12/2022; Updated 09/12/2022

Fall is almost here, and the Monday Night Intro Ride wrapped up its 2022 season tonight with a great ride with six riders — your two ride leaders, three season stalwarts, and one first-time rider. We did an abbreviated version of our Northampton loop, cutting across on Florence Rd and Spring St to shave off a few miles and get in before sunset. Turns out the route trimming was unnecessary, because this group was flying tonight. Nellie and Chris powered up the short climbs, and Jeanne and Jennifer (who was incognito at the start without her helmet — sorry!!) drove us through the flat sections.

We had a great season this year, with several dozen distinct riders, a whole bunch of regulars, and lots of miles and fun on the road. Special thanks and extra kudos to:

  • Henry, who helped out on a bunch of early-season rides, and provided valuable mechanical assistance on several occasions
  • Chris, who showed up on every ride, encouraged every newcomer, and helped organize bunches of official and non-official club rides
  • And especially my co-ride-leader Ari, without whom this series wouldn’t have happened this year. Ari’s big thumbs ups from the back of the pack are the highlight of my summer season.

I somehow forgot to take a picture of our group tonight, so instead I’ll leave you with a few pics from earlier in our Monday Night Intro Ride season. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, and everyone who participated. Hope to see you again next year!

Five riders at the end of the ride. Clarissa, Adam, and Chris on the podium Seven riders from the NCC MNR.


One response to “Monday Night Intro Ride Report, 9/12/22”

  1. Chris Stratton says:

    Thank you, Jonathan and Ari! More than any other offering by the club, this is where I learned how to ride with a group.

    Thank you also to regulars Jennifer, Jeanne, Clarissa, and Sheri – both on Mondays and when we met up on our own to practice what Jonathan and Ari had taught, you helped me develop these ideas into habits. That evening in late June we went “around the river” as a tentative little paceline of our own was a key point of transition where it all started to become comfortable, and as we got collectively faster in following weeks, once-theoretical benefits of closely riding a wheel finally became something I could actually feel.

    I started this summer a solo rider happier sitting well off the back and watching traffic, but I end it wanting to be in a closely spaced cooperating paceline of riders looking out for one another – and for that opportunity to grow I have all of you to thank.