By Don Frank
Published 08/30/2022; Updated 08/30/2022

With daylight starting to fade, our normal weekday outdoor rides will soon be coming to an end for 2022. On September 14th at 7:30 PM, the NCC is hosting a party at High Brow Pizza (12 Crafts Ave., Northampton). This event is to celebrate a successful outdoor riding season. Did I mention that pizza and beer on the club?

Club members are welcome to bring their loved ones who did all the housework while we disappeared to go on group rides to the party.

Prior to the party, we are hosting a ride. A, B and C riders will meet at Pulaski Park a little before 5:30 PM for a long, boring speech and a roll-out at a C pace up River Rd, Hatfield, turn on 116 and down River Drive, Hadley.

Please watch the club calendar for outdoor weekday morning rides and weekend rides in September and October. Also, Zwift rides will be beginning in late September.