By David Goodwin
Published 08/16/2022; Updated 08/16/2022

I guess some people are so confident in their series standings that they can afford to miss a time trial because, well, really, they kind of have a lock on things. Maybe they have to mow the lawn tomorrow and don’t want to be too tired, and maybe they have to take one of their many kids to the playground the next day and are worried that they won’t have enough energy to go down the slide 3 times in a row without proper rest today, and maybe the next day they’re committed to eating a large pizza for dinner and want to be in proper eating condition because it would hurt the pizza maker’s feelings if they didn’t eat a lot of pizza. Maybe Saturday is the day that they scheduled having their nails done and, we all know how much effort that takes to sit there and make small talk. Well, I’m not sure what the real reasons were, but one of our stalwarts just decided not to show up tonight. Sad, really sad, that’s about all I can say to express my huge disappointment.

Low turnout tonight. Maybe it was all the potatoes that dotted the road from south Whately through most of Hatfield on both sides of the road. Maybe it was the strong wind out of the east and then northeast that might have potentially caused an ugly TT bike/spud accident. I saw at least one homeless looking topless dude out scrounging potatoes so some of them didn’t go to waste.

Great effort by CT resident David M tonight! I think he’s going to smoke me at CX this year. I’m a bit nervous about this.

Here is a link to the series so far:

Time Trial/Hill Climb Series

And finally, today’s results:

1. David Marti; Time: 43:07; 25.6 mph; 8 points
2. Zinj Guo; Time: 46:26; 23.78 mph; 7 points
3. Jonathan O’Keeffe; Time: 46:45; 23.61 mph; 6 points
4. Andy MacDonald; Time: 47:06; 23.44 mph; 5 points
5. Mike Hempstead; Time: 47:10; 23.41 mph; 4 points
6. Henry Wheaton; Time: 49:46; 22.18 mph; 3 points
7. Madeline Nagy; Time: 49:58; 22.09 mph; 2 points
8. David Goodwin; Time: 51:36; 21.4 mph; 1 points

Next Tuesday is the (Northampton – Westhampton – Huntington Route 66) Westhampton Hillclimb.


3 responses to “Week 21: Long Time Trial Results, 8/16/22”

  1. Michael Bello says:

    This mystery person who skipped the TT tonight better win a crit race, be the fastest on the Hilly A/B ride, and then complete D2R2 in 3 hours. After all, this person saved so much energy today.

  2. Tim Cary says:

    Life and wellness happens, sometimes bikes are not the priority, unfortunately. Great list of excuses though, I will have to use some of those!

  3. Melissa Warwick says:

    I laughed so hard reading your write-up, David! Just remind me to never miss another TT!! 😆