By David Goodwin
Published 08/09/2022; Updated 08/09/2022

The intense heat of the last week finally gave us a tiny bit of relief – 85 degrees at the start – and it felt like jumping into a lake that, while not cool and refreshing, at least didn’t make you feel like you had just taken a hot shower on a hot summer day. This is one of the greatest strategic hillclimbs, lots of climbing, lots of power sections and a few fast downhills where drafting really makes a big difference.

Only one PR tonight – Patrick S bested his previous time by approximately 9 seconds. I rely on Strava for his times as apparently he hasn’t discovered the joys and utter freedom of having an actual timing device. Another win for Nick and I have the feeling that Patrick R’s reported time was perhaps a bit faster but who am I to extrapolate?

Here is a link to the series so far:

Time Trial/Hill Climb Series

And finally, today’s results:

1. Nick Hight-Huf; Time: 18:49; 18.81 mph; 12 points
2. Patrick Sullivan; Time: 18:59; 18.65 mph; 11 points
3. Ben Winter; Time: 19:59; 17.71 mph; 10 points
4. Luke Sedor-Protti; Time: 21:00; 16.86 mph; 9 points
5. Zinj Guo; Time: 22:03; 16.05 mph; 8 points
6. Jonathan O’Keeffe; Time: 22:21; 15.84 mph; 7 points
7. Joe Lellman; Time: 22:30; 15.73 mph; 6 points
8. David Goodwin; Time: 22:49; 15.51 mph; 5 points
9. Patrick Ryan; Time: 23:00; 15.39 mph; 4 points
10. Melissa Warwick; Time: 23:08; 15.3 mph; 3 points
11. Madeline Nagy; Time: 23:22; 15.15 mph; 2 points
12. Henry Wheaton; Time: 26:41; 13.27 mph; 1 points

Next Tuesday is the Long Time Trial, which starts and ends in Hatfield.