By Juan Hernandez
Published 08/09/2022; Updated 08/09/2022

It somehow got cooler as the day progressed and at our 5:30 PM start time, it was a mere 85 degrees. This actually was refreshing compared to the past few days.

There were five other riders who were not afraid of the heat joining this evening’s adventure.

My intent was to take the group on the Rattle Hill – Glendale Ridge route. As we rolled out, I loaded the route on my Garmin. I was not wearing my reading glasses, so I loaded the Hemingway Loop!

The new route was approximately the same mileage and elevation, so it worked out fine.



I’m always on the look out for animals on each ride and we saw the usual cows on Hemingway Road in Williamsburg. Our peloton was also entertained by the full-size Great Dane that was hanging out of the sunroof of a passing SUV. Unfortunately, we did not have time to take a photo of the dog.

In total, we went approximately 29 miles with 1,700 feet of climbing. Hopefully, next week’s ride will not be in the middle of a heatwave.

As I rode home to Holyoke, I was treated to a fantastic sunset.