By Michael Bello
Published 08/08/2022; Updated 08/08/2022

Hydration and refueling are vital to long bike rides. Yet it can be challenging to try new roads in Western Massachusetts if you are unfamiliar with the area or potential rest stops, especially during a heatwave.

The Northampton Cycling Club has put together a map of rest stops to assist you in trying new tarmac or nearby gravel routes.


NCC Cycling Rest Stops Map


If you would like to explore the map, click on the expand icon in the upper lefthand corner to display an alphabetical listing of rest stops by town.



If you click one of the stops in the list or icons on the map, you will see details about that particular rest stop.



Please be sure to check out the rest stops website for their hours of operations.

Thank you to Jonathan O’Keeffe, John Coffey, Tim Cary, and countless other NCC members for their work in compiling this great resource.

Also, don’t forget to explore new route options in the NCC Route Library.

If you have a favorite rest stop that is not on the map, please let us known using the e-mail address on the Cycling Rest Stops page.