By Jonathan O'Keeffe
Published 08/01/2022; Updated 08/01/2022

Things were hot and humid this afternoon, but eight riders braved the soupy conditions for our Monday Night Intro Ride. We’ve had bad luck with the weather the last couple of weeks, but tonight we caught a break, and were able to make it out for a nice loop of our Northampton route.

Doug joined us for his first group ride ever, and bonded with Chris over their shared unicycle experiences. Jennifer told us about her brand-new gravel bike that she rode in the Fundo, and Gray precisely enumerated each of the hills on the route and powered her way up all of them.

Seven riders from the NCC MNR.

We paused in the barren gravel parking lot at the corner of Sylvester and Chesterfield, where a weird-looking shadow-gumby-alien captured a pic of Bill, Gray, Jonathan, Jennifer, Jeanne, Chris, and Doug (sorry about those shadows, Doug :-). After that it was a mostly-downhill run back to Sheldon Field via Musante Beach and the bike path.

Thanks to everyone for coming out tonight. Next week we will do the Easthampton loop with the Park Hill Orchard picture frame climb for fame and glory.