By Ari Daube-Valois
Published 07/13/2022; Updated 07/13/2022

On a beautiful Monday evening, 11 of us gathered for our weekly intro ride. It was our largest group of the year! We rolled out through Northampton, and onto the beautiful roads of Hatfield.

About halfway through our route, Clarisa was rounding a corner and took a spill. It was quite scary, but everyone is OK. After her breath returned for her, a few in the group helped her get up. Clarisa wanted us to continue, but nobody was going anywhere.

After a pickup plan was made, Chris and Jeanne kindly offered to stay with her until her mom arrived. We were able to get going again and took a shortened route home.

I am so impressed with how well the group dealt with the incident. Everyone was caring towards each other. After we resumed, the group was able to continue riding confidently. I have been in more experienced groups where this hasn’t happened.

Clarisa has let me know that she is doing fine, and is looking forward to riding again with us in the future!