By Michael Bello
Published 07/02/2022; Updated 07/02/2022

With the wet roads and the predicted thunderstorms this morning, the outdoor Saturday B and C rides were cancelled. We held a 9 AM Zwift Group ride instead.

Three of us (Melissa, Tim D, and me) rode the Petit Boucle route in France. This was a fitting ride considering the Tour de France has just started, although the race will not move to French soil until stage 4.

Tim and I were chatting at the line, just before our official start. We were surprised that Melissa had not joined us. With a mere two seconds before the start, she appeared. Zinj would have been proud.

On Discord, the conversation was lively as always. Melissa is preparing for the great responsibility of compiling the TT data for the next two weeks. This led to a discussion of JOK’s epic three day adventure from Amherst to Saratoga Springs, NY to the Catskills, and to Westhampton.

Tim and I chatted about the Vegan Cyclist’s latest video on his experience riding the Unbound XL. We sent Melissa the video afterwards, partly because I think she thought we were making it up.

Gear ratios and Shimano’s new 105 DI2 groups were debated by the group. We also learned more about the new Shutesbury library, which passed town elections last week.

Melissa, our football guru, was surprised to learn that Tom Brady ended his retirement. She claimed it is the offseason, so her football radar is not yet at full strength.

In total, we rode 38.3 miles with 1,586 feet of climbing during the official ride. Melissa and I finished at just over two hours, while speed demon Tim bested us by 9 minutes. We all kept going until the 40 mile mark just to get a round number.

Hopefully the weather for next Saturday will cooperate. I know I need to ride some gravel so I won’t die during the JAM Fund Grand Fundo (July 23rd)!