By Juan Hernandez
Published 06/21/2022; Updated 06/21/2022

The weather was a bit iffy this evening, but that did not discourage our 14 riders. At 5:30 PM, we departed Pulaski Park in Northampton.

Although Michael could not join us this week, we worked together on a route that went up to Williamsburg and returned through the relatively new pavement on North Farms Road.

The group navigated through Northampton’s traffic lights and turned on to Nonotuck Street as we started our trek up to Williamsburg.

I promise that I will get the official route loaded to my bike computer. My first audible of the day had us reverse the loop in Williamsburg. We went up Audubon Road and back on Ashfield Road.



Our Tuesday night streak of seeing wildlife was on the line tonight. I was busy searching for animals and through muscle memory turned right off of Route 5 near Joe’s Garage, completely missing our Mountain Street-North Farms plans. Our group had fun nonetheless and found our way back to Pulaski Park. Although, I never did see any wildlife tonight.



We rode approximately 23 miles with 1,100 feet of climbing. We had a solid pace of just over 14 miles per hour.

Next week, we are going to try the Williamsburg-North Farms route again. I really want to ride North Farms road!