By Jonathan O'Keeffe
Published 06/09/2022; Updated 06/13/2022

On a gorgeous evening, seven riders turned out for our second Monday night intro ride of the year. Jennifer, Chris, Clarissa, Jeanne, and Bill, along with ride leaders Ari and Jonathan, rode a quiet and scenic 17-mile loop through Hatfield. We had one brief interruption when Bill suffered a flat about halfway through, but that was quickly resolved, and we rolled back into Sheldon Field around 7:15 PM. Next week we’ll be riding the Northampton loop (, hope to see you there!


One response to “Monday Night Intro Ride Report, 6/6/22”

  1. Chris Stratton says:

    This was a really wonderful ride, and the opportunity to practice going through the motions of rotating a paceline even if at a relaxed pace was extremely useful. I feel like the Tuesday C is a good physical challenge, but the Monday intro is a wonderful chance to work on some of the all important skills of riding in a group and coordinating our action to function as one.