By David Goodwin
Published 06/07/2022; Updated 06/07/2022

There were 4 potential hazards and risks today – the wind, the broken pavement, the downed branches and eventually, the rain. The rain held off until I had just written down the last time for the ten 6 pm starters but I’m expecting everyone got home without too much problem. The earlier group did have a bunch of wind, branches and lousy pavement to contend with but the town of Deerfield made a cursory effort to cold patch some of the nastier holes on the north end of the TT route.

Charles (“Chas”) Mathers again rocketed to an astonishingly fast time. No time penalty for using the super tuck on at least one of the downhill sections as this is not a UCI event. Heckfire, I’d even be okay with Miguel Indurain’s beam TT Pinarello if someone could get their hands on it.



I’ve given some serious thought to moving this TT elsewhere given the poor road conditions but, all in all, with the minor patching improvements, I think we’ll be okay for a while.

Here is a link to the series so far:

Time Trial/Hill Climb Series

And finally, today’s results:

1. Charles Mathers; Time: 28:41; 26.36 mph; 15 points
2. Sam Veggeberg; Time: 32:22; 23.36 mph; 14 points
3. Andy MacDonald; Time: 32:53; 22.99 mph; 13 points
4. Ben Winter; Time: 32:59; 22.92 mph; 12 points
5. Zinj Guo; Time: 33:09; 22.81 mph; 11 points
6. Frank Sleegers; Time: 34:06; 22.17 mph; 10 points
7. Melissa Warwick; Time: 34:22; 22 mph; 9 points
8. Jonathan O’Keeffe; Time: 34:41; 21.8 mph; 8 points
9. Henry Wheaton; Time: 37:11; 20.33 mph; 7 points
10. Madeline Nagy; Time: 37:14; 20.3 mph; 6 points
11. David Goodwin; Time: 37:49; 19.99 mph; 5 points
12. Brooke Weinman; Time: 38:01; 19.89 mph; 4 points
13. Cindy White; Time: 40:21; 18.74 mph; 3 points
14. Tim Pitkin; Time: 41:08; 18.38 mph; 2 points
15. Tim Cary; Time: 42:17; 17.88 mph; 1 points

Next Tuesday is the Skinner Hill Climb.