By Mark Rioux
Published 06/06/2022; Updated 06/06/2022

I decided to lead the C ride out to the Hilltowns this week in order to do a little climbing and show off what I feel are some of the finest roads in the area.

We had 13 riders show up to tackle the ride. The weather was amazing and the mood on the roll out was great.

Half way up Route 66 a couple of riders let me know that they may not be up to the task and I shouldn’t worry if they fell back because they could manage to get home solo. I did my best to assure them that they would be fine and it is a C ride, so we would wait for all without a worry.

The pavement on Route 66 into Huntington is not quite done yet, but still plenty quick and a pleasure to descend on. The ride up to Worthington is always a treat and Saturday was no different. Once we got to South Worthington the decision was made to head up to the center of town instead of cutting across Ireland street to get to Chesterfield. It did add one more hill and a few extra miles but the promise of some refreshment carried the day.

The downhill out of Worthington is always a blast and a great way to prepare for the exposed unrelenting climb into Chesterfield. Yes we stopped in Worthington, but that did not rule out stopping for some pastries at the Chesterfield store as well. One of our more experienced riders recommended drinks in Worthington but pastries in Chesterfield.

The ride home from Chesterfield center was fun and fast.

In total 50 miles and about 4000 feet of climbing and ALL finished with the group!!!! Thanks all for a great ride.