By Juan Hernandez
Published 05/31/2022; Updated 05/31/2022

I did not anticipate that the weather would be an extra challenge today. After all, I looked at the weather this morning before I commuted to work on my bike. After texting with Mark and Michael, and hearing that David cancelled the hill climb due to potential thunderstorms, I thought we might get a little wet, but I wanted to ride.

There were five other riders at Pulaski Park for our 5:30 PM departure. We decided to try a similar loop up to Williamsburg that the group did last week. After all, there were options to turn back if needed.

We got caught in the rain twice, but nothing too serious. This may have contributed to our slightly faster pace tonight.

Our rest stop was at the Williamsburg Market. We had to stop for a selfie.



Our Tuesday rides seem to encounter a lot of wildlife. Tonight, we saw a fox catching his dinner!

On our ride back to Northampton, we saw a couple of lightning strikes in the distance. The ride was great and the rain was even a bit refreshing.