By Jonathan Brody
Published 05/26/2022; Updated 05/26/2022

Great group of folks last night. We were about 18 strong with many veteran riders. This led to a very steady pace up River Rd until I jumped the front as some sort of unconscious attempt to prove myself upon my gravel bike – sorry all:-(

With me fully reprimanded by Jeff B, we continued to the Bookmill, most notably with high schooler Brooke pushing a very strong pace up Falls Rd. This is where I got dropped and the group battled it out on Taylor Hill. They waited for me on Falls Rd despite Jeff B’s insistence they go and leave me for dead. He hates me. Honestly, sometimes I hate myself:-(

We headed down 47 and that is when the legendary locomotive known as Ron Bush took charge and took a monster 25mph+ down 47.

We finished at about 20mph average. It was a great ride!

Hope to see the same and more folks out next week.