By Michael Bello
Published 05/16/2022; Updated 05/15/2022

On Sunday at the Dow Pavilion at Look Park, close to 100 members of the Northampton Cycling Club gathered for the annual member meeting.

At the event, we had barbecue, a brief chat about the numerous upcoming club rides and events, and two important votes. The rain held off for most of the event, but we had the covering of the Dow Pavilion just in case.



The membership unanimously approved updating our bylaws. The new version is live on the website.

The second vote of the day reelected and/or elected board members for two-year terms. Congratulations to Jonathan Brody and Leila Everett, who are officially the new club presidents.

Tom Hoogendyk set up a cyclocross course for the many kids in attendance. There was a “special” race for adults on kids (or ill-fitting bikes). We had adults running the course carrying bikes and even two adults sharing a single bike, which did not work well in the sand.