By Tim Cary
Published 05/07/2022; Updated 05/07/2022

Was it the wind?  Was it because the sun was not out?  Too cold?  Or maybe because I forgot to type the meeting time and place in the e-mail announcement?  For a minute I thought I’d be riding my own SMR solo for the first time.  Then Frank rode in, and we also had Jack as our guest.  Dusty met us along the route in Haydenville.

In all seriousness, May is a busy month.  Mother’s day, graduations, bike racing across New England, and when I came home to look at my Strava feed, I saw that today was the Seven Sisters trail race.  I was very pleased to see about a dozen riders arrive for the C ride today, which Roger led.

The temperature hovered around 50F, and the sun tried real hard to poke through the clouds, but not enough to make a warming difference.  The wind was strong, but we rode stronger and it was not bad at all.  This is a screen shot from which shows the winds on our ride.



We followed the planned route out of town, using River Rd in Leeds to Haydenville instead of climbing early up North Farms.  Once we got to Conway center, Jack headed back on 116 for home.  We continued over the Bardwell’s Ferry bridge and up the climb past the Cosby mansions.   This is the first time I have been up that way, and every spring it reminds me how beautiful of an area we have to ride in.

At the top of the climb, we decided to not head up to the Patten area, and stay on this side of Rte 2, and instead ride on the beautiful Zarah Fiske Rd, and suffer up the S. Shelburne climb to bring us back down to Greenfield.  We will do Brook Rd another time.  From there the route home was down to Stillwater across 116, and back up into Whatley center where we stopped to take in the view.



A little more climbing up North Farms and down got us back into town a little before 12:30, 50 miles, 3196′, Avg 16.3 MPH.

Next Saturday is the Massochistah!  Many NCC members are either riding or volunteering (they still need more volunteers for rest stops, go here) , so regular club rides may get cancelled.  Keep an eye on the calendar and the e-mail groups.