By Juan Hernandez
Published 05/03/2022; Updated 05/22/2022

After the first two Tuesday C rides of the season were cancelled due to inclement weather, it was great to kickoff the ride for 2022!

The weather tonight still wasn’t perfect. It was a “little” overcast, but the temperature was cool and comfortable.

We had 13 riders leave Pulaski Park in Northampton at 5:30 PM for the classic Hatfield Lollipop Loop. I set a record for the quickest mechanical ever. I needed to inflate my tire after approximately two pedal strokes.

As we left Northampton, we picked up Andy. He got two flat tires as he attempted to get to our starting location. He was able to fix them and was with us the rest of the way.

The 19 mile route was very flat (only about 300 feet of climbing). We had a wonderful relaxed pace of around 13 mph for the route.



As we crossed over Interstate 91 at the border between Northampton and Hatfield, we were all surprised to spot a deer. When we arrived back at Pulaski Park around 7 PM, we had a bunny sighting.  In addition to the surprise animals, we did see goats, cows, and chicken as expected on Depot Road in Hatfield.

It was a wonderful adventure with wonderful people on a cool brisk day. What more could you ask for?



The weather for next week looks nice (long range forecast is calling for 70 degrees). The route will be a mystery, so you won’t know where we are going unless you show up!