By Michael Bello
Published 04/27/2022; Updated 05/15/2022

On Sunday, May 15th from 12 PM to 3 PM, the Northampton Cycling Club will hold its annual meeting outdoors at the Dow Pavilion at Look Park (300 N Main St, Florence, MA 01062).

This meeting will be the NCC’s first major in-person meeting since 2020! All members are invited to attend. We will have free food and beverages, including beer for adults. The NCC will also cover the parking fee for club members who do not have a Look Park annual pass.

Please RSVP to the event so we may get an estimate for food.


RSVP for Annual Meeting


Although this will mostly be a social gathering, we will have a brief interlude for votes on club matters.

The first vote will be on the NCC’s bylaws. From time-to-time, the bylaws of the club are reviewed and amended to better serve the membership. Here is a link to the proposed changes to the bylaws.

The second vote will be to elect the slate of Board of Directors seeking an additional term or new appointment:

  • Jonathan Brody (seeking election, co-President)
  • Leila Everett (seeking election, co-President)
  • Michael Bello (seeking re-election, Clerk)
  • Roger Stawasz (seeking re-election, Treasurer)
  • Tara Dumont (seeking election)
  • Jessica Engebretson (seeking election)
  • Justin Giansen (seeking election)
  • Juan Hernandez (seeking election)
  • Mark Rioux (seeking election)
  • Donna Wilson (seeking election)

If you are interested in attending the NCC’s Annual Meeting, please make sure your membership is active by logging into your account. If you join the club by May 15th, you are also invited to the party.

We are seeking volunteers for Massochistah and the Tour of the Hilltowns.

Please consider volunteering for these great club events.