By David Goodwin
Published 04/26/2022; Updated 04/26/2022

Yes, canceled. Sorry to the three folks that had already submitted their times to me.

One response to “Deerfield TT Canceled 4/26/22”

  1. Frank Sleegers says:

    Thank you Dave.
    Before putting the whole TT-set on – this is helpful and of course unfortunate but evidently what the weather is. People are walking with umbrellas around campus.
    I wanted to provide some feedback on your plans changing the TT-starting time from 6:00 to 5:30 in the next year.
    For me, personally, the 6:00 works very well – the 5:30 time not. I very often have meetings until 5:00pm and I can mostly make it to the 6:00pm starting time. My own preference is also to start as the same time as other people. a) drafting on the hillclimbs b) comparable time on the TT’s and some extra motivation catching people in front/not getting passed.
    My five cents. Other folks may think differently. I think the “lower temperature” in the summer may be one advantage.