By Michael Bello
Published 04/13/2022; Updated 04/13/2022

We rode the classic Watopia Hilly route this evening. We had three riders (Melissa, Tim, and me) tonight and we covered a little over three laps of the route.

Zinj was with us in spirit this evening. Melissa, playing the role of Zinj, had technical difficulties and had to uninstall and reinstall Zwift (not Zoom) on her computer. She was with us on Discord for the hour, but missed the first ten minutes of the adventure.

We chatted about the upcoming Paris-Roubaix race this weekend. The women’s race is being broadcast on the GCN app, while the men’s race is on Peacock. With last year’s unusual pro cycling calendar, the race was held in October. I thought that was great because riders could go all out without the risk of losing the entire season.

Melissa walked us through last night’s time trial. I was very interested in the bear sighting since that was near my home. During the TT, the wind was against the riders in both directions.

I shared that today was my first trip to the office in 25 months. It was odd to be back in the office having conference calls.

Melissa and I were at the Ride Leader meeting on Monday. It was exciting to see 16 Ride Leaders ready for the outdoor season.

In total, we rode approximately 18 miles with 1,174 feet of climbing.

Tonight marked the official end of the NCC Zwift season. We will be shifting outside next week, but if the weather is bad, we will schedule some Zwift rides.