By David Goodwin
Published 04/12/2022; Updated 05/22/2022

The dreaded first long time trial of the season, and 16 of us answered the call today, 3 earlier in the day and 13 at the appointed time of destiny, 6 pm. The temperature was a very pleasant 68 degrees, the wind she was a-howling, mostly out of the west.

Strava times were all almost right on, most were a second or two slower than the actual times which I’ve never seen happen before. Except for Joe L’s time where his Strava time said he went 49 seconds slower. He managed to slot in right after his son and right ahead of Andy.

The UMass boys continue to make us feel perhaps a little slower than we’d like to think of ourselves. Nice job! Both Ben and Sam had PRs (1:04 and 0:46 respectively) as well as Donna with a PR 1:24 faster than her previous best. Andy and Zinj reported the same times so I looked at their Strava times for the tie breaker (I hate half points).

Melissa drove me back home after the TT and we encountered a very large black bear in the field just north of the wastewater treatment facility (or WTF). Good thing his or her timing kept him or her out of River Road during the festivities.

Here is a link to the series so far:

Time Trial/Hill Climb Series

And finally, today’s results:

1. Ben Jankowski; Time: 44:13; 24.97 mph; 16 points
2. Sam Veggeberg; Time: 44:38; 24.73 mph; 15 points
3. Gus Lellman; Time: 45:34; 24.23 mph; 14 points
4. Joe Lellman; Time: 46:41; 23.65 mph; 13 points
5. Andy MacDonald; Time: 46:50; 23.57 mph; 12 points
6. Zinj Guo; Time: 46:51; 23.56 mph; 11 points
7. Jonathan O’Keeffe; Time: 47:28; 23.26 mph; 10 points
8. Melissa Warwick; Time: 48:12; 22.9 mph; 9 points
9. Frank Sleegers; Time: 48:21; 22.83 mph; 8 points
10. Madeline Nagy; Time: 50:18; 21.95 mph; 7 points
11. Mike Hempstead; Time: 50:40; 21.79 mph; 6 points
12. Henry Wheaton; Time: 51:03; 21.63 mph; 5 points
13. Roger Stawasz; Time: 52:13; 21.14 mph; 4 points
14. David Goodwin; Time: 52:52; 20.88 mph; 3 points
15. Donna Wilson; Time: 54:29; 20.26 mph; 2 points
16. Ignacy Gaydamovich; Time: 56:04; 19.69 mph; 1 points


Next Tuesday is the Shutesbury hillclimb, which starts in Leverett.