By Michael Bello
Published 04/06/2022; Updated 04/06/2022

The group went to France this evening and rode the Roule Ma Poule route. We had six riders (Charlie, Henry, Melissa, Tim, Zinj, and me).

Several of our participants rode the hill climb yesterday. Even though it is early in the season, every second counts. Melissa emptied water from her bottle before the climb to reduce weight. Zinj admitted he weighed his jacket to see if it was worth carrying for the decent. Melissa extended her streak of humble brags. She got another QOM on the way down the hill.

We chatted about the proposed bike path from Northampton to Hatfield. The potential project is mostly in Northampton, but would end at Elm Court in Hatfield.

Zinj was having technical issues tonight. His laptop battery died. He rode the second half of the ride without Zwift. Since it did not happen on Zwift and was not recorded on Strava, did he actually ride the final 30 minutes?

In total, we went 20 miles with 929 feet of climbing.

I’ll be watching the weather for Saturday. If the weather is poor, I’ll schedule a Saturday morning Zwift ride.

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