By Michael Bello
Published 04/02/2022; Updated 04/02/2022

The feels-like temperature was chilly this morning, so we were happy to ride inside. We had five riders today (Henry, Melissa, Tiffany, Tim, and me).

Like last week, we were in multiple groups, but all talking on Discord.

Melissa and Tim started at 8 AM. They were foolish enough to ride the PRL Full. A mere 5 hours and 54 minutes after they started, the 108 mile epic (with 7,458 feet of climbing) was over! To quote Tim, “That ride was a beast!”

Henry and I started the Bigger Loop in Watopia at 9 AM. The PR Full contingent was finishing their second of eleven laps as we departed. We covered 33 miles with 2,270 feet of climbing. Henry stayed with me until the Epic KOM, then he took off up the hill and I never saw him in game again. He finished around 1 hour and 53 minutes, while I cruised to the finish in a leisurely 2 hours and 16 minutes.

Tiffany was in completing a long Zwift workout, but joined our conversation on Discord.

Henry was Zwifting from a new location. His wife was hosting a baking party, so he moved his trainer to give the group privacy. For some reason, the red velvet cheese cakes that were being created did not show up to the houses of any of our participants.

We chatted about the outdoor riding season. We are still looking for ride leaders, so please volunteer if you can. Tim (now known as “indoor Tim”) plans to join us for a few outdoor rides this season.

I mentioned I’ve been watching the Netflix show Formula 1: Drive to Survive. I was excited to learn that they will be creating a similar show for the Tour de France. ┬áThis got us into a discussion on good documentaries.

Tim mentioned that he picked up a massage gun after one of our previous group conversations. I suggested that he take it out of the box and charge it so he could use it after today’s monumental ride.

Towards the end of the Bigger Loop ride, Tim and Melissa were heading for a brief break. Tim’s phone battery was dying and he had to find a charger. They regrouped and finished the ride around 2 PM.

Melissa and Tim both earned the No Big Deal (100 mile) achievement and the PRL route achievement, which doubled their XP points. Melissa completed level 41 and now has the Zwift La Z Claire kit, while Tim completed level 40 and can rock the Zwift Rockstar Glasses.

We will have a Wednesday night Zwift ride this week. The outdoor group rides do not start for a few more weeks.

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