By Michael Bello
Published 03/26/2022; Updated 03/26/2022

We had two groups this morning. Half of us rode stage 5 of the Tour of Watopia, while the other half rode the Mega Pretzel. As we transition from the indoor to the outdoor season, I’ll let you decide which group had the better plan for the day.

Three of us rode the ToW (Brant, Henry, and me) and three of us rode much longer route (Melissa, Tim, and Zinj). Both groups were together conversing on Discord.

Zinj has started his defense of the outdoor time trial title. He is producing more excuses than ever. We decided he should bring a wheel with all the excuses on it and spin the wheel to select the proper excuse prior to the start of the TT. In reality, Zinj is most likely playing mind games trying to psych everyone out. My bold prediction is that Henry Wheaton will ride faster than Zinj on Tuesday.

Melissa was trying a new energy drink. She had to put seven or eight scoops of powder into her bottle. She was still functioning when the ToW group wrapped up the ride, so I’m assuming it worked fine. Tim’s wife brought him muffins during the ride, so he gets the prize for most pampered rider of the day.

We had a long discussion on cycling bibs. Melissa and Zinj are very particular about their kits.

The ToW crew rode the new event-only Eastern Eight route. We covered 33.6 miles with 1,355 feet of climbing. We were off our bikes in a mere 1 hour and 38 minutes. Henry forgot this was a recovery ride and raced hard. It took him a couple of minutes to respond to us when he finished. Afterwards, he claimed his “spleen was cursing me.” For the record, today we were not racing.

The other group took 3 hours and 50 minutes to trek 75 miles with 5,650 feet of climbing. To put it another way, I had showered, had lunch, and taken a nap by the time they finished.

Brant, Henry, and I earned the Eastern Eight route achievement, which doubled our XP points for the route. Henry completed level 21 and earned patterned socks. Brant made it to level 37 and got the Bell Javelin Helmet. I completed my 1,000th hour on Zwift, which means I’m a mere 9,000 hours away from becoming a Zwift expert. Melissa, Tim, and Zinj earned the Mega Pretzel route achievement, which doubled their XP points for the route. This helped Melissa get to level 41. She can now wear the Zwift Rockstar Glasses. Zinj made it to level 34 and can now wear the Zwift Monochrome kit.

The outdoor time trial series starts on Tuesday (3/29). We will have a Zwift ride on Wednesday night.

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