By David Goodwin
Published 03/01/2022; Updated 05/22/2022

The NCC Tuesday Time Trial and Hill Climb series is back in action again for 2022. The series will begin this year on Tuesday, March 29th and end on Tuesday, September 13th.

Like some of the series last year, the events can be done any time during the day or as a group event, meeting at 6 pm at the starting line. There is a strict no drafting rule for all time trials but not on the hill climbs.

On the Time Trial and Hill Climb Series Routes page you will find descriptions of each course. In addition, you will find links to photos of the start and end points of each route. Thanks to Jonathan O’Keeffe for providing these helpful photos. Accurate results depend upon riders knowing exactly where to ride.

Please remember that each event starts from a dead stop (no rolling starts). Each rider will be responsible for their own timing. Please bring a cycling computer or a watch to time yourself. If needed, there is a Strava segment for each course. If submitting results from a Strava segment, some adjustment will be added to your time to account for minor differences in real distances. We discourage relying entirely upon your Strava time but is a good backup if your other timing method fails.

The dates and location of each time trial and hill climb are posted on the NCC Calendar. On the day of each event, e-mail your results by 9:00 PM to David Goodwin ( if you chose to do the event on your own.

Anyone is welcome to participate. These events are informal and attract all different ages and skill level riders. If you have never tried a time trial or hill climb, now is your chance. Any type of bike (except e-bikes) are great for this series.

Best of luck to all participants.