By Michael Bello
Published 02/16/2022; Updated 02/16/2022

Tonight’s Zwift ride had a little more climbing than normal. We did four complete laps of the Two Bridges route in Watopia.

We had six riders (Charlie, Henry, Melissa, Tim, Zinj, and me). Zinj was late as usual. He had technical difficulties and Zwift kept crashing on him as he attempted to late join. He eventually got into the ride on the third attempt.

Melissa joined even later, but she had a valid excuse. At the conclusion of skiing with her children, she stopped to assist a driver in need. Melissa had the same issue with late joining as Zinj! She rode with us, but was not in the official group.

Of course our conversation covered last night’s hill climb. I am still amazed that 15 riders earned PRs.

We discussed the Rock Cobbler Gravel Race, which became famous over the weekend. The event had four cyclist encounter a bull on course.

Tim shared that he replaced his chainrings over the weekend. This got us on the topic of chain checkers. We had a health debate on the best chain checker available. Charlie and Melissa were both able to reach their chain checkers from their Zwift set ups and showed the group.

Henry earned the Two Bridges route achievement, which doubled his XP points for the first lap. I completed the Wahoo Climbing Mission, while Melissa finished tonight’s ride just shy of completing it.

In total, we rode approximately 20 miles with 1,262 feet of climbing.

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