By Michael Bello
Published 01/29/2022; Updated 01/29/2022

With the wind howling outside as the winter storm descended on Western Massachusetts, we gathered to ride the Three Sisters route in Watopia. This route covers the Zwift KOM, the Epic KOM (including the Radio Tower), and the Volcano KOM.

We had eight riders (Andrew, Henry, Melissa, Ross, Tim C., Tim D., Zinj, and me) for the adventure.

With all of the climbing today, we got a bit spread out on course, especially during the Epic KOM climb. I know my legs were still tired from Jonathan’s race (the “flogging, part 2”) on Thursday. I was more than content to pedal at my own pace. With Discord, we could all chat throughout the ride no matter where we were on course.

Andrew had headphones today and was coming through crystal clear. He shared that he found his dream bike from the late 1980s on eBay and fixed it up to be his commuter bike. It also came out that Andrew’s parents were both Olympians, so he incredible speed is now better understood.

The storm was hitting us all, but with different snow amounts. Zinj, who still needs to plant grass at his new house, just wanted snow to cover the dirt and mud in his yard. This led to a discussion of different yard vegetation, including invasive species, poison ivy, ticks, and jumping worms.

I asked Melissa about the wilderness camp her kids have previously attended. Ross concurred that it was a great program. Melissa is currently looking for an archery camp for her daughters. I’m guessing she is preparing her children for the Hunger Games.

Something is wrong with Zinj. He is not obsessing about bike paraphernalia! Mr. Marginal Gains still has not unpacked his bike tools. Instead, Melissa is discussing skin suits for the outdoor time trial.

In total, we rode 30 miles with 2,943 feet of climbing. Our elevation made Tim D happy as he continues to strive for the Wahoo Climbing mission (20,000 feet by February 26th). Henry finished the ride in 1 hour and 41 minutes, while I crossed the line in a much more relaxed 2 hours and 4 minutes. To put this another way, Henry put out 2.8 watts/kg, while I only did 1.9 watts/kg.

Half the riders this morning completed Zwift levels. Ross completed level 13 and earned the Zwift patterned gloves. Henry moved to level 16 and can know rock stylish shades. Tim C possesses the level 30 kit thanks to finishing level 29. Zinj moved to level 32 and earned his avatar the Newsy Cap.

Andrew, Ross, Tim C, and Zinj earned the Three Sisters route achievement, which doubled their XP points for the route. Considering Zinj never starts the ride on time, it is amazing how he keeps earning route achievements.

Here is the NCC Zwift schedule:

  • Tuesday 6:00 PM – Time Trial / Hill Climb (invite required)
  • Wednesday 8:00 PM – Social Ride (invite required)
  • Thursday Evenings – Road Race (times will vary between 5 PM and 7 PM EST)
  • Sat 9:00 AM – Social Ride (invite required)

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One response to “Saturday Morning Zwift Ride Report, 1/29/22”

  1. Tim Cary says:

    Tooooo many Tim’s around! But just for the record, it is Tim D doing the Wahoo Climbing Mission, not me! I won’t ever complain about climbing, since my SMR rides in real life do just that! I was glad I could join today, my schedule is all over the place- nice to ride and chat with you all.