By Michael Bello
Published 12/22/2021; Updated 12/22/2021

After last night’s social ride that featured a lot of climbing, we returned for a flatter social ride this evening. We rode the Wandering Flats on Makuri Island.

We had six riders tonight (Iggy, Kevin, Melissa, Tim, Zinj, and me). It was nice to have Kevin back for the first time since the the winter/spring Zwift season.

The pace was relaxed compared to last night’s challenging social ride. On Discord, we shared our amusement at Jonathan’s and Henry’s power surges on the Epic KOM Reverse.

Melissa heard a few of Iggy’s cello songs on the Internet. We learned how Iggy distributes his music to the different sites and how he is a cello pioneer on YouTube.

Kevin filled us in on his new job and the cycling scene in the Hudson Valley.

Melissa and Iggy shared their recent experiences with cell phone companies.

My trainer and Zwift were not in sink tonight. After I stopped to repair, the ride got much better.

A few of us are planning the Four Horsemen route next week (9 AM on Wednesday, December 29th). We will have an old fashioned meet up so we can see other riders on course and draft off of non-NCC riders in case we get separated. If anyone is interested in joining us, please let me know. Melissa and I started strategizing about bikes and food. Tim is attempting the Festive 500, but we may get him to ride with us.

We all earned the Wandering Flats route achievement, which doubled our XP points for the route.

At the end of our hour, we covered approximately 20 miles with 580 feet of climbing.

Our full slate of Zwift rides will resume in January. Check the NCC calendar for full details on all events. To learn more about the NCC and Zwift rides, please visit our Zwift page.