By Jonathan Brody
Published 12/14/2021; Updated 01/24/2023

Holy sh** the last two years have been difficult! No better salve than self-inflicted agony!

So, on May 14th, 2022 come ride one the toughest and best rides in the valley: The Massochistah (aka the Dirty Hurty Gurdy).

Homebase is the beautiful Ashfield Lake house. Expect breakfast, rest stops, a post-ride meal, beer, music and a sore A**!

You have four options. Do it!

  • The Dirty – 30 miles, 4,000 Feet. Still Dirty, but a Little Less Hurty
  • The Hurty – 50 Miles, 6,000 Feet of Dirt, Mud, Snow, and Pain
  • The Gurdy – 85 Miles, 10,500 Feet of Craziness
  • The Lazy – An Entire Day of Beer, Snacks and A Warm Fire

Registration is open on BikeReg.

p.s. If you are a NCC member you get 10% off because a) you’ve paid your dues, b) you’re that great, c) you deserve it.