By Michael Bello
Published 12/04/2021; Updated 12/04/2021

We continued our tour of the new roads in Makuri Islands this mornings. Today’s route was four laps of the Sprinter’s Playground.

At the start of the ride, Tim D, Tim W, and I departed. Tim W wondered where everyone was. Zinj showed up late as normal. Iggy joined us minutes later. Finally, Melissa joined us. She was the only one with a valid excuse for being late! In total, we had six riders.

On Discord, Zinj detailed his new mailbox, which sounded quite elaborate. We also learned that he plans to incorporate decorative elements from the video game series Final Fantasy into his house. Iggy shared that he played cello for the Final Fantasy XV soundtrack and we have never seen Zinj so impressed!

Tim D and I were still marveling that the play button on the Apple TV remote activates power ups. Tim accidentally discovered this during the race on Thursday. We both wish that we knew this cool trick earlier in our Zwift careers.

Tim D, Zinj, and I discussed the race on Thursday in detail. Tim expects to be upgraded from C to B soon, but he should take full advantage while he can. We all talked about training and Strava’s Monthly Fitness scores, which rarely moves for me. I suspect my consistency is probably the issue.

Iggy, Melissa, Tim D, Zinj, and I earned the Sprinter’s Playground route achievement, which doubled our XP points for the first lap. I’m assuming Tim W also earned the achievement, but we lost him midway through the ride and I could not find his Zwift results.

In total, we rode 30.8 miles with 885 feet of climbing.

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