By Michael Bello
Published 11/27/2021; Updated 11/27/2021

This morning we travelled to Yorkshire to ride the 2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit.

We had three riders (Tim, Zinj, and me). The Discord conversation was entertaining as we rode the hilly route at a truly social pace.

Our electric car conversation from yesterday’s post-Thanksgiving ride continued. This led to a discussion of Musk/Bezos and philosophically separating the founders from their primary companies. We all agreed that Amazon’s delivery logistics is incredible. I ordered a package at 7:30 AM yesterday and it arrived by 8 PM!

After that we got into the power of online trackers, despite the fact that we all use ad blockers.

Kitchen counters and home improvement were heavily discussed. I’m not a handy person, so I just listened to much of this conversation. Tim shared that he enjoys Park Tools for DIY bike projects, despite their cost. We all agreed with him on that.

Zinj amazed us as he described his weekly bike cleaning routine. I like to keep my bike clean, but I do not have the time for his process!

Tim shared how Worcester is really turning things around. It is now a fun city with concerts and other entertainment. I’m interested in checking out Polar Park after the pandemic ends.

Tim and I started planning for some remaining route badges. In theory, we will try the Four Horsemen route sometime in late December.

In total, we rode three laps of the course in 1 hour and 34 minutes. We covered approximately 26 miles with 2,418 feet of climbing.

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