By Michael Bello
Published 11/24/2021; Updated 11/24/2021

Tonight we went to England and rode the London 8 route.

We had six riders (Charlie, Jaime, Melissa, Tim, Zinj, and me).

We decided that we need to turn our Discord conversation into a podcast. It may be hard to pick a podcast category since we covered such a variety of topics this evening.

Tim and I discussed “Wheel of Time,” the new Amazon show based on a series of books. Tim has read the books, while I have not. I said that I thought it was hard to get into the series and that Game of Thrones drew me in more from the beginning. We then learned that Melissa never got into Game of Thrones.

I mentioned that the new Hawkeye show premiered today, but my wife thought it was about the MASH character. Zinj was a bit confused because he kept hearing “hot guy” instead of “Hawkeye.” After we cleared that up, Melissa told us how the game Risk (not “wrist”) was a childhood Thanksgiving tradition.

We kept joked about the podcast concept and realized that Jaime, who had not said a word at this point, was our first listener!

For a social ride, we had a brisk pace. We got a little spread out on Box Hill, but regrouped at the top. Zinj and Tim pushed the pace at the end to get to the 20 mile mark. The rest of us were just shy, but kept riding to get the round number.

In total, we covered approximately 20 miles with 875 feet of climbing.

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