By John Pashko
Published 09/01/2021; Updated 05/22/2022

This week’s NCC Tuesday night alternative pace C ride left Pulaski Park with just a little confusion. John Coffey recruited me at the last minute to lead the alternative ride which tentatively had us doing the “Chipmunk” loop. I informed him that I didn’t have that particular ride in my computer but another member volunteered to help with navigation. We left the park with 6 mostly regular riders, but we did have one newly minted NCC member who had just signed up that day!

After a brief section on the bike path we worked our way up to Burts Pit Rd. From there we took a right turn onto Florence Rd. continuing up Spring St. at which point we caught up to John Coffey’s group. I told John that thought we were off course, but he advised me that there were number of variations to the Chipmunk route.

Our group of 6 continued on until we arrived in Leeds. We stopped there, and decided to do a spur-of-the-moment route change. The group decided to head to Whately via Mountain St, then cross Rt. 5 and onto Christian Ln. After a right turn at Long Plain, we continued down to a left that brought us to Cronin Hill. Prospect St. brought us to some very recently paved roads – Bridge St. and Dwight St.

When we arrived at the intersection of Dwight and Elm St. I noticed that Elm St.also looked like it was recently paved! That should be some relief to time trial participants. From there it was the usual roads back to Pulaski.

For the most part, we achieved the desired pace of 16 miles per hour. The weather finally cooperated making it a beautiful night for cruise with a great group of riders!