By John Pashko
Published 08/15/2021; Updated 05/21/2022

The latest edition of the Saturday morning C ride had 12 riders heading up to Turners Falls on a 52 mile looping course.

A slight tailwind kept the pace brisk on rt. 47 north.

The mostly flat course (about 1,500 ft. of elevation gain) allowed the pack to maintain the pace throughout the ride which led to a higher than average speed for most of the group.

This ride was my first as a ride leader and it went relatively smoothly. We did have a few mechanical issues – I had a flat tire and one rider had a broken rear derailleur, but managed to hang with the group.

After a water and refreshment stop in Turners Falls, we headed back south. On the return leg the air temperature and humidity increased noticeably.

Riders peeled off at various points as we got closer to the finish in Pulaski Park.

All in all a great ride by a strong group!