By Benjamin Jankowski
Published 08/06/2021; Updated 08/06/2021

Thank you everyone for coming out in July to our Zoom Mass Twilight Crits!

With JAM Fund and Northampton Cycling Club support, we were able to bring training races are back to the Valley on a new sweet course. All of you are what brought the race (even through lack of toilets, lightening, word of mouth advertising). Racing was fast and techy thoughout, with B races holding around 21-23mph and A races holding around 25-28mph averages. This seemed like a good course to work on breakaways and strategy and we saw a good amound of work done every week to reel back groups, and in the case of the A race, reel back perrenial hard hitters going to lap the field. It was also a blast to welcome all the new racers who came to try out crits!

The results from the whole series can be found here:

*This past week the results went six deep in the B race and seven deep in the A race.

This race was really fun to watch and put on. Would like to give a big shout out to Steve O’Neill who secured the venue, Chris deHahn for his work as the USAC official, Phoebe Gelbard for tamale action, and Rodney Furr (and everyone else) for all the help!



Jeff Fowler was around the course taking photos after racing his first crit! Check out the album from the race here:

Here are the previous weeks’ photos:


Warner Farm was our local corn plug!! If you haven’t had a chance to try their corn, try racing harder next year at Zoom Mass Crit, or find their corn locally at grocery stores in the Valley 🙂

Visit Warner Farm at their market store, the Millstone in Sunderland (for you locals looking for mid ride baked goods), at the Chilifest (sept.), Mike’s Maze (fall), or even sign up today for a farm CSA share if you live in the Valley or Boston Area.

If you have any input on the race or suggestions please let us know! We would love to hold this race as a one day weekend event in the future with full categories, along with this training race series format next year…