By John Coffey
Published 08/04/2021; Updated 05/22/2022

This week’s Tuesday C ride was a single group in unusually good weather. We left Pulaski Park with 13 riders and did a new route with a little less mileage but more climbing. We headed out of town on Burt’s Pit road and it quickly became apparent that this was a strong group. With directions from the Ride Leader, the faster riders went ahead as we climbed to Montague Road and descended through the farmland on Easthampton Road. There, the route got a little trickier as we navigated some interesting names for roads — Mineral, Lead Mine, Cold Spring and Rattle Hill. Somewhere in the town archives, there must be a few good stories.

We came back over Glendale Ridge by the vineyard and it was great to see the reaction from the riders who haven’t seen the views across the valley to Mt. Tom. Finally, we climbed past Park Hill Orchard as new art installations were being installed. The farm is advertising Peaches right now — we’ll have to see if they are as good as the cherries.

We weren’t able to do the Introductory Ride this week with only one Ride Leader, but hope to next week. See the Calendar and Rides Forum for next week’s routes, which will be posted on Monday.