By John Coffey
Published 07/21/2021; Updated 05/22/2022

For the first time in weeks, it didn’t rain on a Tuesday evening — but it was hot and humid. We again split the ride into two sections, with 10 riders in the faster, more experienced group and 5 in the introductory group.
Mark Rioux led the group of 10 to Williamsburg for the annual ride up and over Nash Hill. They then headed south to West Farm before returning to Pulaski Park. The pace was right on target at just under 16mph.
John Coffey led the group of 5 to Haydenville, then south past the reservoir, along the farms in East and Westhampton and back to town. Average speed on the ride was a comfortable and conversational 12.8 mph, which seemed ideal for new member Sherri. We wish Lauren all the best in her first triathlon in Greenfield on Sunday!
Both rides ended at the Barb and Olive in Northampton Bike Shop for post-ride socializing.