By Robert Schrader
Published 07/11/2021; Updated 07/11/2021

At 10 minutes before 9:00 yesterday there were still heavy rain showers at Pulaski Park.

Four of us: Rich, Dave, Don, and I headed east over the river and along the full length of Bay Rd. When we rolled into Belchertown, after the climb over the RR tracks, John joined us after spinning a few miles with the B Ride. From there we continued on to the Quabbin Tower and the view that never disappoints.

There were many other riders from other clubs out on this Saturday, the best day for riding in the last two weeks. After one of my favorite descents in the area we rolled on some roads near UMass Orchards and over to the Phoenix Fruit Farm’s general store across from the Mill Valley Golf Course on Rt. 181 for a brief refueling. I highly recommend the apple turnover.

Some back roads around Belchertown followed and eventually on to Stebbins St, a short westbound run on Bay Rd., the fun descent on Warren Wright Rd., and a straight shot back into NoHo via the bike path.

It was just over 50 miles and fun was had by all. It had been a while since I lead a ride and it was nice to be “back.” I’ll see you all again soon.