By Benjamin Jankowski
Published 07/10/2021; Updated 07/10/2021

Thanks for coming out to the first race of the Zoom Mass Twilight Crit. For all the last-minute weather sweatings, things really came together well and racing was fast! We had racers from five states present this Wednesday, so you could say this is an international affair.

B Race was a total of 18 racers in a field that ended up breaking into three main groups. The race was decided about 2/3 the way through when Charles Mathers went for it and held the solo breakaway till the finish. In his first bike race he finished in front of the field with about a 25″+ gap. The field sprint consisted of Alex Balla going early out of the chicane and getting second, with Johnny Suarez pulling in third. Prime winner was Mathers. Bunch of first time racers came out! Thanks to JAM Fund riders for your help in doing the initial pacing and answering any questions.


A Race was a total of 11 racers and resulting in two main groups. Chris Niesen and JP Rorech went off with Alex Beck early in a three person breakaway, dropping Alex part way through. Chris pulled in the prime for the race, while Dan Vaughn’s enticing $6 field sprint put up was taken by Alex Balla. JP in the breakaway flatted his tubulars, but with SRAM neutral support missing the oppurtunity to service this race, some vollunteers got the guy back in with Chris Nieson, before the final sprint as they both came out of the final corner neck and neck with Chris putting down and getting the win infront of JP. The field sprint was interesting to watch, but without question, Alex Beck led out of the final corner and the legs got him to the line first. Sam Veggeberg finished second in the tight field sprint infront fo Chris Norvold.



You can view the six deep results for both fields (enough places for points with these field sizes) on Road-Results. I’m still waiting for USAC to let me upload results (they are bogged by IT problems apparently).

This race was really fun to watch and put on. Would like to give a big shout out to Steve O’Neill who secured the venue and Chris deHahn for his work as the USAC official. Steve also was around the course taking photos. Check out an album from the race here: Zoom Mass Twilight Crit 7/7/21.

Warner Farm donated the corn prizes!

Visit Warner Farm at their market store, the Millstone in Sunderland (for you locals looking for mid ride baked goods), at the Chilifest (sept.), Mike’s Maze (fall), or even sign up today for a farm CSA share if you live in the Valley or Boston Area.

When coming back next week we should have the 400 Venture Way building open for bathrooms and we are hoping to have a food truck stop by for the race.

If you have any input on the race or suggestions please let us know!


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  1. Charlie Bailey says:

    Awesome pics Ben! I’m so glad you’ve gotten this series underway.