By Don Frank
Published 07/08/2021; Updated 07/08/2021

I woke up early Wednesday morning and looked at my weather app which assured me that there would be a lot of rain all afternoon and evening, so I went for a ride. It was very nice.

I cancelled the ride when I got home, around 10 a.m., with a clever “Rather than spend another Wednesday hovered over my weather app, I am cancelling tonight’s ride now” or words to that effect. I went to work. Yes I also have a job. I checked the weather app around 3 p.m. and it reported that the storm(s) was (were) going to miss us, so I uncancelled the ride – a first in NCC history, and went back to my job (same job). When I lifted my head up again, around 4:30 it looked pretty certain that we were going to hit rain, but being an optimist, and having already ridden, I figured that it might not hit us or at least be that bad, so I uncancelled it. When I was driving home from Springfield around 5 pm in the torrential downpour, I looked at the weather app again, and saw that it was raining. I was too embarrassed to recancel the ride. For the record, when I pulled into Northampton around 5:30, it had just stopped, so I was right after all. Where was everybody?


One response to “Wednesday A/B Ride Report, 7/7/21”

  1. Charlie Bailey says:

    Felix and I were there, though we decided to head back home fearing additional storms rolling through.